Save the Date Rules and Etiquette

A save the date wedding card is sent before the wedding invitation to give guests advanced notice of your wedding date.  Although save the date cards have not always been a wedding tradition, they are becoming more common since engagements are lasting longer.

1.  Send your save the date cards out six months before the wedding.

2.  If you want to save money, only send the cards to out-of-town guests and people you know will need advance notice for planning.

3.  Save the Date cards are a must if you are having a destination wedding, or you are planning to have your wedding over a three-day holiday weekend.

4.  Be clear about who is invited.  Will the guest receive a plus one?  Will it be an adult only wedding?  It's important to note this on the card.  Include the actual names of every intended guest on the envelope. 

5.  Remember to add "Invitation to follow."

6.  Be sure to include your wedding website URL.

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