Ceremony Planning Tips

Ohio Marriage License

Things you will need to apply for a marriage license in Ohio:

  • The couple will need a birth certificate, driver's license, military ID or valid passport.

  • Certified final divorce decrees if either or both parties have been married previously. Alternatively, a certificate of death of a previous spouse should be obtained.

Tips to assist you with getting your marriage license:

  • Visit the Ohio State Web site to find the link to the county office where you'll be married.

  • If you are not a resident of Ohio. you must apply in the county in which you want to get married.

  • A certified birth certificate is required from any party under 21 years of age applying for a marriage license in Ohio.

  • Both the people must be present to apply for and sign the marriage license.

  • The marriage license fee if roughly $50-$60. The fee varies depending on the county. Accepted forms of payment are cash, check or money order.

  • Marriage licenses are valid for 60 days in Ohio.

  • The marriage license is valid immediately. There is no waiting period in Ohio.

  • Blood tests and/or physical exams are not required in Ohio.


Wedding Elements

Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life. You will spend endless hours and a lot of money on finding the perfect dress, invitations, flowers, photographer, catering, cake, music, and food. Make sure that equal time is spent on planning the perfect wedding ceremony. Many couples simply rely on the justice of the peace, minister, priest, or rabbi to select the words spoken at their wedding. Shouldn't you be the one to personally design what is said at this memorable event? I can help you do that.

  • Lighting of the candles

  • Seating of Groom’s grandparents

  • Seating of Bride’s grandparents

  • Seating of Groom’s parents

  • Seating of Bride’s mother/parents

  • Musical selection (optional element)

  • Maid/Matron of Honor enters

  • Ring Bearer and Flower Girl enter

  • Bride enters on escort’s left arm

  • Presentation of the bride

  • Escort takes his/her seat

  • Welcome/Invocation given by Officiant

  • Consent of the Bride and Groom

  • Address and readings by the Officiant (Friends/Family may participate in readings if desired)

  • Musical Selection (optional element)

  • Wedding Vows

  • Explanation of the rings

  • Ring exchange and vows

  • Lighting of the Unity Candle (or other wedding tradition)

  • Musical selection (optional element)

  • Wedding prayer/blessing

  • Musical selection (optional element)

  • Pronouncement of marriage

  • Kiss

  • Presentation of the couple

  • Recessional begins

  • Groom and Bride exit

  • Ring Bearer and Flower Girl exit

  • Groomsmen and Bridesmaids exit

  • Bride’s parents are escorted out

  • Groom’s parents are escorted out

  • Bride’s grandparents are escorted out

  • Groom’s grandparents are escorted out

  • Officiant makes any necessary announcements, dismisses the guests, then exits

Who Pays for What

Here is a list of who pays for what, traditionally.  Depending on the cost of your wedding, the number of guests being invited, and the financial situation of all party members, this list can vary.


  • All reception costs (with the exclusion of alcohol) including venue, food, cake, music, all rental costs, favors and gratuities

  • Bride's gown, veil, and accessories

  • Wedding invitations, postage and related staionery expenses

  • Photography and videography

  • Ceremony and reception flowers

  • Rental fee for the ceremony site

  • Fees for ceremony musicians or DJ's

  • Transportation of the bridal party on the wedding day

  • Bridesmaid bouquets


  • Groom's wedding ring

  • Gifts for her bridesmaids

  • A wedding gift for the groom


  • Expenses of items desired which have exceeded the original budget

  • Gifts for parents or others who helped with the wedding planning and costs


  • Marriage license

  • Bride's engagement and wedding rings

  • Bride's bouquet, corsages and boutonnieres

  • Ceremony officiant's fee

  • Gifts for groomsmen

  • The honeymoon

  • His own attire

  • Wedding gift for bride

  • Limousine service


  • Rehearsal dinner

  • Alcohol at reception

  • Groom's cake