Congratulations Bill and Angela


Today I married Bill and Angela.  Angela was once a student of mine when I taught at Rocky River High School so that made performing this ceremony extra special for me.  Angela has four children and Bill has two.  It was important to them that the children be included in their wedding so we decided the family sand ceremony was the perfect way to do that.  Angela and Bill began by each pouring half of their colored sand into a large class container.  Then the six children joined them, each adding the colored sand they are chosen for the ceremony.  Next Angela and Bill poured the rest of their sand over the top of children's sand.  Finally the glass vessel was closed shut telling the children to look and see that they are in the center of your mom and dad's hearts, now and forever.  It was a special ceremony and that can be placed on a shelf in their home as a daily reminder that they have become a family.