Penny Wishing Ceremony

We all know how the wishing well works.  We take out some sort of coin, preferably the lucky penny, toss it in the air and make our wish before the coin hits the water.  If we don’t share our wish with anyone it is said to eventually come true.  Typically the wish is granted to the person who is tossing the coin into the wishing well.

However, many times we well-wishers are able to make wishes come true for others.  Think about how many times we have influenced the lives of others by making very simple wishes come true for them.  I’m sure we have all done one, some or all of the following:

 kept a promise

said I was wrong

stood up for a child

told someone you love them

said you were right

said hello to or just smiled at a complete stranger

bought water downed, sour tasting lemonade from a child’s homemade lemonade stand, smiled and said how good it is, and then proceeded to buy another glass or maybe the entire pitcher

said I’m sorry

  • There seem to be some real strong marriage themes woven into some of those statements.  Isn’t a marriage filled with wishes?  Doesn’t the concept of marriage center around two people trying to give and get what it is they need and or want from each other?  How good we are at recognizing how to make wishes come true for others can be very powerful in how we build and sustain a strong marriage.  Wishing a wish or wishes is a luxury that all of us like to take advantage of.  Our wishes may not always come true but we keep making them hoping that eventually one of them will miraculously happen.   Helping to MAKE wishes come true, especially for our spouse, builds over time to strengthen our bond, trust and love with each other. 

Today, you are going to be asked to help make a wish come true for these two very special people who are sharing their day with us.  (Groom and Bride’s names) are asking each of you to pull out that lucky penny, make a wish for them and put that penny in the wishing well when they come to dismiss you from your pew at the end of the ceremony. 

What kind of wish you ask?  Your wish can be anything you want it to be.  However, today we are celebrating the joining of two into one.  Any wish that is directed at helping that union grow and flourish is perfect.  Keep in mind with your wish does come some responsibility.  You see, when we wish a wish for ourselves, many times we make the wish, sit back and wait for the wish to come true.  That is why many times when we just make a wish and that is all we do, in a few months, in a few years, if that is all we have done, is just wish, all we have is still just a wish.

When helping make a wish come true for someone else, we must also do something.  We have to invest ourselves into making that wish a reality for the other person.  So as you make your wish today, also make your willing commitment to (Groom’s name) and (Bride’s name) so that they can realize the fullness of your wish as they begin their lives together.

So, I have here in my pocket a penny.  (Groom’s name) and (Bride’s name), my wish for you is that you will work non-stop at your love for each other and that it will continue to grow and deepen to the point that today, this day, your wedding day will actually be the day you love each other the least.