The Unity Heart Ceremony


Many couples are looking for a specialty ceremony to include in their wedding ceremony that is something more creative than the often over-used unity candle or sand ceremony. A couple that I recently married chose to include the Unity Heart Ceremony. It was lovely so I have included the wording I red as they put the unity heart together.  Please feel free to use in your ceremony.

"The Unity Heart signifies the wedding covenant made between two individuals that truly love each other.  It is a lasting reminder that will be placed in Josef’s and Sarah’s home reminding them of how two hearts and souls that were destined for each other, found each other, and now they beat as one.

The outside of the heart signifies the groom, bold, strong and protector of the family. Yet when we look at the heart we see that it is empty in the middle showing that the groom is incomplete without his spouse.

The inside of the heart signifies the bride, beautiful, ornate, creative and delicate that fulfills the emptiness of the groom.  When she places her heart into his, the two become one and they complete each other. 

(Grooms name/Bride's name), please seal the Unity Heart in the name of love.  This signifies you have trust in your heart and now beat as one." 

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