Country Cottage and Gardens

Ceremonies held at Country Cottage and Gardens in Mineral City, Ohio, are the perfect mix of nature and luxury. Ceremonies are held in the central and most elegant of locations at Country Cottage & Gardens. The Estate House and front gardens overlooking the beautiful lake is the staging location for the ceremonies. Brodes walk out of the upscale Estate House and down the grand staircase towards the brick pathway.  Your guests will be seated on either side while you can make your walk towards the elegantly decorated white archway.


Special care is given to maintaining the gardens. You can expect lush green and flourishing gardens showcasing this location. Their florist and Wedding Planner will take special note of all details to capture the concepts and designs that you would like on your wedding day.

Catering at Country Cottage and Gardens is unmatched in the area. They offer an all natural wood-burning grill for live action cooking. Your guests will get to see and smell the cooking being done right in front of them. They create unique menus for each couple based on preferences and budget. All menus are created based around seasonal and high-quality ingredients. All menus are created from scratch. They do not use pre-made foods so you can bet everything you select at Country Cottage & Gardens is homemade and delicious.

Located right on the ground are 3 cottages that are included in all ceremony and reception packages. They are great for your immediate family and bridal party.  They are available the night of your wedding.

Country Cottage and Gardens is the perfect spot for your wedding.  If you want a venue that will truly handle every aspect of your wedding ceremony and reception, this is your place.

  • Management staff is included throughout all the planning process for consultation and expert advice.
  • Valet golf cart and parking attendance.
  • In house Chef, Wedding Planner, Officiant and Florist for easy appointments and consultation.
  • Amazing customer service designed around “customer first standards”
  • Additional customer service for handicap or needy guests.
  • Staff will decorate your ceremony site and reception site.
  • Service staff for your reception.
  • Clean up staff for during your reception and after your wedding.
  • Rehearsal staffing