Music for the Ceremony

Many couples ask if I can recommend someone to provide music during their ceremony.  I have decided to list a few of my favorites and the way you can contact them.  Hope this helps some of you.

1.  Jessie Gutysell--Professional Harpist/812-606-5855/

2.  Gaetano Letiziz--Guitarist/440-668-1772/

3.  Steve Cipriano--Guitarist and Vocalist/330-687-7210/

4.  Mary Beth Ions--Violinist/216-671-7243/

5.  Derek Snyder--Cellist/216-382-8640/

6.  Richard Maurer--Steel Drums/330-338-3230/

7.  Bellflower String Quartet--String Quartet/216-281-1313

8.  James Beaton--BagPiper/440-396-3075

Click on this link to hear Jessie Gutysell playing the harp