Note on Runners

runner 2.jpg

Please note that runners can be very difficult to manage. It is very important to have whoever is going to be rolling it out, practice beforehand. Take my word on this one! Starting the runner takes a bit to figure out. The runner should be started right at the feet of the officiant and run down the aisle.  Although many store boughten runners have tape at the beginning to secure to the floor, some extra tape or another way to anchor the runner can be very helpful.

If you use a runner do not scrimp on the quality. Very thin, inexpensive runners are very difficult to deal with. Sometimes they don’t want to lay straight. Thin ones can be tripped on, heals go through them on grass.  Runners should never be used on hardwood or tiled floors unless it has an especially prepared backing.  It is simply unsafe and may cause the bride to slip and fall.

It is also advisable to have the ushers unroll the runner after the bridal party exits, as all the traffic of the guests hitting the runner from the side, will surely crinkle it, turning it into a hazard.