Are you thinking of eloping but looking for a way to make your day special for both of you?  Well, here is a list of things you might want to review when making plans for the two of you. 

1.  Dress up--wear something special so you are in the moment and feel like a bride.  Just because you are not having a large wedding doesn't mean you can't wear a wedding dress.  Wear whatever makes you feel like a bride.

2.  Order a small bouquet and boutonniere for each of you.

3.  Hire a photographer and/or videographer to preserve these important memories.  This will also allow you to share this day with family members and friends.  Look for someone who will allow you to use their services for an hour or less which will keep expenses down.

4.  Plan for the two of you to share appetizers/dinner/drinks after the ceremony to celebrate.

5.  Write love letters to each other that you read privately before the ceremony or read aloud to each other after being pronounced husband and wife.

6.  Select a special song that means something to the two of you to play before or after the ceremony. 

7.  If you drink, buy special champagne flutes and toast with champagne after the ceremony. 

8.  Write your own vows.  Frame them after the wedding to display in your home.

9.  Get your hair and make-up done so you feel extra beautiful. 

10.  Order a small cake or cupcakes to share after the ceremony.

11.  Exchange wedding rings

12.  Put a just married sign on your car (you will surprised how many cars will toot their horns as you travel around)

13.  Spend the night at a special hotel or Bed and Breakfast.

14.  Select a song that you would like to dance to after being pronounced husband and wife so you share that first dance.

Remember what marriage is really about. – 

The whole reason to have a wedding in the first place is to get married and express your love for your significant other. When you elope you do just that.  At the end of the day all that really matters is that you and your new hubby are newlyweds.