Special Day at Inn at Brandywine Falls

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On September 14th, I had the honor of marrying Dr. Mark Thompson and Lisa Schulze.  They chose to host their special day at Inn at Brandywine Falls surrounded by their family and closest friends.  The Inn already held some very special memories for them so when they began to think of venues they might want to hold their wedding at, this was an easy choice. Brandywine Inn is an impeccable Country Place and a part of the tapestry of 33,000 acres of parkland (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) and adjacent to Brandywine waterfall. Built in 1848 as the home of James and Adeline Wallace, it was a centerpiece of the then thriving community of Brandywine Mills. The Wallaces owned the mills as well as 800 acres of land. Now their fine place provides six rooms for visitors, many with sitting areas and all with well-appointed private baths. Each guest accommodation is distinct in Ohio historic decor and ambiance.

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It was simply the most perfect weather day for an outside wedding.  The sun was out and the temperature was exactly what you would hope for.  The ceremony and reception were set up in the surrounding gardens.The flowers were all designed and made by the Inn Keepers using flowers that came from their many gardens.  Tables were set with gold chargers, wine glasses trimmed in gold, lots of green flowers, and a green apple placed on each plate.  It was clear that much thought had been put into how this day should look.

I had not met Mark and Lisa in advance, but from the moment I arrived it was obvious this is a couple that truly love each other. `Lisa is a very beautiful woman.  She wore an ivory lace dress that Mark had purchased for her nearly a year ago when they were shopping for a dress she needed for another occasion. Lisa had decided not to get the lace dress because she felt it wasn't the right choice for the event, but Mark loved her in the dress so much he purchased it and told her to save it because he was sure she would eventually find a need for it.  He certainly found the perfect day for her to wear the beautiful dress!

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The ceremony was full of love.  Mark and Lisa each wrote their own vows, and they were definitely the most wonderful vows I've ever heard a couple share.  It was obvious that they each took a great deal of time and thought in deciding exactly what they wanted to promise each other.

Once the ceremony was over, guests were treated to wine, chocolate, and cigars in the garden.  This was followed by a lunch prepared by the inn keepers. Each guest also had a choice of taking home a bottle of red or white bottle of wine home with them as a favor.

Wedding invitations instructed guests to bring their hiking shoes so they could join the bride and groom in a hike after lunch.  This would eventually lead the guests to a treasure hunt.  Mark and Lisa love the outdoors and spend a great deal of their free time hiking and climbing.  They even corporated this in their cake topper.  I must tell you that the bride did all of hiking and hunting in her wedding dress and hiking boots.  I wish I had a photo of this!

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Mark and Lisa spent the night at the Inn and then were off to a honeymoon in Europe.  Such a beautiful couple and special day!