A Very Special Ceremony

On July 7th, I had the honor of sharing a very special vow renewal ceremony with Keane and Diane. They held the ceremony in the backyard of Diane's parent's home.  It sprinkled a little earlier in the morning, but by 11:00, just before the guests arrived, the sun came out.  It is said that rain on your wedding day guarantees good luck, so they have been blessed.

As each guest arrived they found a small blessing stone, note card and pencil at their seat.  Near the beginning of the ceremony, I asked each guest to hold the blessing stone in their hands throughout the ceremony, reflecting and offering their personal blessings for Keane and Diane as husband and wife. I also asked them to use the note card provided to write the couple a note of advice or an individual blessing. There was a lovely box on the gift table for family and friends to place the stones and cards in after the ceremony, creating a lasting reminder of the magic and love shared by those who celebrated this life event with them.

998429_710942928919574_58713580_n (2).jpg

Keane and Diane also suggested to their guests that if they were attending their wedding with a spouse or partner, to let their ceremony be a reminder--a rededication of their own loving bond. Their decaration of intent (the I do's) were very special and I will add them to my wording library.  

Before the ring exchange, the couple asked their closest family members to participate in a ring warming.  It began with me placing the rings in Diane's mother's hands and asking her to hold the rings for a moment to warm them with her love.  The rings were then passed from family member to family member gathering more love and hope for Keane and Diane  I also asked the other guests to voice a silent wish or prayer for the couple's marriage and future together.  As the rings were passed, Vale, Keane's sister sang.  When the rings returned to me, I placed each of them on a long-stemmed rose (their rings had been specially designed by a jeweler) symbolizing the purity of their Real and Highest Self, and of the purity of God's love. 

It was a very special and unique ceremony that I am sure their guests will remember for a very long time.  Wishing this wonderful couple a lifetime of love, happiness and peace.