Important Questions to Ask Before Selecting a DJ

Your wedding DJ will play an important role in your wedding and reception.  The DJ will be the one who sets the mood for your event. A good wedding DJ will be able to read the room, have everyone up and dancing and, ultimately ensure everyone has a great time. On the other hand, a bad wedding DJ can kill the mood of even the most party-ready reception crowd. Take time to make sure the DJ you book is the right match for the two of you.  You should interview three DJ's before making a decision.  Consider asking the following questions of each to help you find the perfect fit.


What equipment do you use? (You want professional equipment that is loud enough but not overpowering)

If we need a sound system for the ceremony, can you provide this as well? 

Are you a DJ that will stay in the background making necessary announcements or will you be visible and more of a performer? (It's usually the couple who should be getting the attention, but some couples do enjoy a DJ who is the center of attention.)

What will you wear? (Make sure he knows how you want him to dress.)

How is the music selected? Do you have a wide variety of songs available? Can we have a list of songs we do not want played?

How do you handle the events of the evening? (It's important to know how the transitions from one activity to another will occur.)

How often will you need to take a break? Will music be playing during these breaks?

Some DJ companies have more than one DJ. Which DJ will be at my wedding?

Will you be bringing a table that will need a tablecloth?

Will you play music as the guests are arriving and during cocktail hour and meal?

Do you provide a wireless microphone to use for speeches?

Do you have liability insurance?

Do you bring backup equipment with you?

How early will you be there to set up?

Do you have references we may contact?