To Throw Rice or Not???

Where did the tradition of throwing rice come from and why do we do it?

Throwing rice was actually one of the fertility rituals at weddings from ancient times. The rice seeds where symbols of "New Life" because they could germinate. This custom is believed to come from ancient Rome where both rice and later grain, dates, nuts and coins apparently were thrown at the newlyweds to pave the way for fertility, happiness and good force. Nowadays rice is no longer thrown as a symbol of fertility but simply to wish the couple a prosperous future and is a real festive element at the wedding ceremony. Bird safe rice is not the only option though, take a look at the suggestions below and get inspired to personalize your wedding ceremony.


Suggestions of what to throw at the wedding ceremony:

Bird seed, grass seed, rose pedals, cherry blossoms, dried lavender, heather, bubbles, large size party poppers, DIY wedding wands, wild flower seed, sprinkles, autumn leaves, pumpkin seeds, dollar bills, eco confetti, streamers, miniature beach balls.