At the end of the night!

Your gifts, centerpieces mementos (such as your toasting flutes, cake topper, unity candle and guest book) along with any leftover food, alcohol or cake will need a reliable friend or family member to get them home.  Most venues want you to take all of your things with you at the end of the night so the room can be cleaned and ready to go for the next big event.  Discuss this task with someone in advance and let them know about their responsibility.  If you have a lot of food left over, you might want to donate to a local shelter. You might want to also consider donating your floral centerpieces. Nursing homes typically accept flowers, but call at least a few days before the wedding to find out when someone can drop off the arrangements. If you’re changing out of your gown before you head to your hotel room, you’ll want to make sure someone takes it home.