Cambodian Cord Ceremony


 I love learning about new wedding ideas that I can share with couples.  The Cambodian Cord is the newest specialty ceremony that I have found information on.  In Asia, the color red is a sacred color, representing great joy and celebration.  An ancient Cambodian fable states that couples who are fated to be together are joined by an invisible red cord. As time goes by, and the two get older, the invisible red cord shrinks in length.  According to the fable, when the moment comes that the couple is destined by fate to meet, the cord has shrunk so much the two are standing face to face.

As part of this ceremony, the officiant takes a red cord and ties a knot it the middle.  As they do this, they also make a wish, out loud, for joy and success in the marriage (or whatever else comes to mind).  The cord is then passed to the left so that every person attending the wedding may also tie a knot and make a silent wish for the couple. When the last guest has tied a knot, the cord is draped over the bride's shoulders or around her neck.  The red cord will then forever serve as a memento of all the people who have wished the couple happiness.