Simple Solution!

As an officiant I quickly realized that during the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom most often have their backs towards their guests. It simply appeared strange to me. When guests are taking pictures, they want to see the loving faces of a bride and groom and not just the face of the officiant. I decided that with the couples I married it made more sense for them to be facing each other during the ceremony.  I even encourage couples to look each other in the eyes and hold hands.  This is especially helpful if either the bride or groom happens to be an emotional or nervous person because they can focus on each other and me. While I cannot look at you the entire time, as I am reading your ceremony and all ceremonies are different, I am looking up and down throughout the ceremony. The point, however, is that if the three of us only focus on each other, you will most likely stay calmer!  In very small weddings, I have learned to step out from the couple with my back to the guests.  This way, the bride and groom are facing their guests and everyone can focus on them.