Aisle Runner--Yes or No???

My thought on whether or not to use an aisle runner is:  check the "no" box for the aisle runner! Originally aisle runners were used to cover up mud and dirt brought in by guests thus protecting the wedding dress. I believe this is a tradition that simply needs to go for many reasons.  The first, and most important reason being they are dangerous!  I know you are thinking how can a simple plastic/cloth aisle runner be dangerous?  It's very simple--heels.  The heels on your shoes and shoes of your guests will poke holes in the runner.  The runner could then stay attached to the heel causing either you or a guest to fall.  They also rarely, if ever, really stay in place regardless of how much you tape them down.  Yes, there is double sided tape that has a peel on it.  Yet, it never holds.  It always comes up when the groomsmen start to pull the runner down the aisle. If there is carpet in the aisle, the runner always moves.  The bride, after all the bridal party has walked down the aisle, will notice the runner is horribly out of shape, wrinkled and pulled.  The cord on the aisle runner is always too short. The groomsmen chosen to unroll the aisle runner always have trouble pulling it smoothly down the aisle.  One side or the other will inevitably get stuck with the cord. Once down the aisle, the runner is never straight.  Placed over carpeting, the aisle runner never stays in place. Definitely don't use an aisle runner if your ceremony is being held outdoors.  If you really insist on having something, try lots of flower pedals--roses, carnations.  You can either create a carpet of flower pedals or use the pedals down both sides of the aisle.  It will look incredible and everyone will be safe.

flower aisle runner.jpg