Vow Renewals

elvis lives.jpg

I recently had the honor of performing a vow renewal ceremony for Andrew and Sarah.  They were celebrating their fourth anniversary and shared with me that they have renewed their vows every year since they first said "I do".  I couldn't wait to blog about what they have shared each year.  When they married four years ago, they actually chose to have two ceremonies.  The first was held at the foothills of the mountains in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The second wedding ceremony took place on the beach in Key West.  For their first year anniversary, Andrew and Sarah went to Durango.  Year two was celebrated in Oregon, where they renewed their vows at the Out 'n About Treehouse "Treesort".  Out’n’About Treesort is in Oregon's Siskiyou National Forest and is made up of 36 treehouses.  Their third year of marriage was celebrated at the Sequoia National Park in southern Sierra, Nevada,  For this special celebration, the two of them hiked into the park and stopped by a lake to privately share words of love and commitment to each other.  This year, Andrew and Sarah traveled from their home in California to Cleveland, Ohio.  2013, however, brough a new addition to their family--six month old Caleb.  For this vow renewal they chose The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and they each dressed up--Andrew as Joey Ramone, Sarah as Dolly Parton and Caleb as Elvis Presley.  The ceremony took place on the main stage in The Rock Hall.  I talked my husband into joining me so we could get some special photos of the day.  All photos posted on this blog were done by caruso images.