Disappointment at Windows on the River

After doing a wedding at Window's on the River tonight, I feel I must tell you what I experienced. I have done outside weddings where I needed to stop a few seconds to let a train pass or a plane fly over. Tonight, however, was totally different.  The minute the ceremony began, there was a great deal of music, laughter and talking.  It was not obvious where it was coming from, but it was loud!  The father of the bride got up during the ceremony and went up to the second floor in hopes of finding the people responsible, but could not find them.  As the noise continued, a number of guests got up to see if they would have better luck locating where this distraction was coming from, but again, the culprits could not be found.  The laughter, talking, music and noise continued throughout the entire ceremony.  It was rude, distracting, frustrating and should never had happened.  I have performed over 200 ceremonies and never experienced anything like this.  As soon as the wedding was over, I went directly to the woman in charge of events held at Windows on the River but I didn't get much of an explanation. She was not present in the room for most of the ceremony so didn't hear what the rest of us experienced. Finally, a younger employee of Windows approached me and explained that the noise had not been made by employees from Windows on the River but rather by employees of the Aquarium.  Apparently their office is located on the third floor.  She explained that she actually went to the Aquarium to tell them what was going on but by the time that person radioed the employees, the ceremony was over.  When you are selecting a venue, ask as many questions as you can.  I know the employees responsible for this disappointment were not Windows employees but it certainly seems like a memo letting the aquarium know when they are hosting a wedding might be a simple solution.