Bird Cage Centerpieces

bird cage.jpg

Do you want your centerpieces to be unique and different from other weddings? In 2013 floral designs and other planted centerpieces will be covered up and caged. Birdcage centerpieces are no longer only for garden or vintage weddings.  You can alter the look to make them look classy and elegant also. When choosing birdcages for your centerpieces, try to find simple looking ones so that you can focus on the flowers and birds inside and outside the cage. You can also go for floral decorations inside the birdcage only and omit the birds altogether.You can practically choose anything for your centerpiece besides flowers and birds, including candles, vintage bottles, herbs, plants, fruits, etc. Choose the cage “filling” that is most suitable to your wedding theme.  Consider looking for a variety of different styles and shapes of birdcages so each table is different.