A special day for two couples


Every wedding I get to share is special to me.  No two couples are alike and neither are is how they plan this important day.  This past weekend I performed two weddings that were very opposite of each other.  Jessica and James chose to be married in the backyard of her parent's home in Parma.  There were many beautiful plants, trees and flowers decorating the space.  There was a lovely Pergola that had been decorated with tulle by family members.  Jessica and James, along with his parents and two brothers, traveled from Great Britain for the wedding.  James' father recently retired after serving the Queen for over 38 years in the army.  He wore his uniform, decorated with a number of medals he had received from the Queen.  I must tell you that this was such a joyous day for all.  There were over 100 people--they even had to gather more chairs so everyone could sit.  Although the two families had just met for the first time a few days before the wedding, it was obvious they had become friends quickly.  The area was filled with much love and joy.  The second wedding was held at The Greystone Hall in Akron.  This is an amazing venue with an imposing seven-story stone facade.  Greystone Hall is one of downtown Akron’s most majestic structures. It was originally built by the Freemasons in 1917 for their business and social gatherings, the Hall now offers exceptionally appointed spaces for banquets, meetings and wedding.  This is where I married Angie and Mark.   They were also an adorable couple and Angie wore an amazing gown--definitely one of my favorites.  Such different ideas about their weddings, but love shared by all.  I love this job!