July 4th Celebration

Today I was honored and delighted to share in a very fun surprise wedding.  Jim contacted me about marrying him marrying on July 4th.  Jim and Denise knew they wanted to get married, but had not agreed about when, where or how.  He decided it would be great fun to take control and put a plan into place.  Jim and I communicated all week, writing a ceremony, deciding where to meet, and how to truly catch Denise off guard.  Jim told her that he had a friend who would be bringing his boat to the beach at Veterans Memorial Park at 10:00 am so they could go for a boat ride.  Jim packed a cooler with a dozen roses.  Denise thought the cooler had food and beverages to take on the boat.  When I arrived, I removed the vase of roses and headed to the beach to find them.  Jim, Denise, and Denise's son were walking on the rocks.  I approached them and asked if Jim would like to buy his "wife" a rose.  I told them the money was going to Relay For Life for help fight cancer.  Denise said of course they needed to support Relay.  Jim took a $20 bill out of his wallet and I asked Denise to hold the flowers while I looked for change.  I asked her how long they had been married.  She responded "We aren't exactly married yet".  I quickly said "Well, how would you like be get married today"  Denise was speechless!  Jim had written a beautiful ceremony which I presented right there on the beach.  It was a wedding surprise filled with love, hopes, and tears.  It was truly an honor to share in such a special time!  May they live happily ever after.