Unity Glass Ceremony

I love it when someone shares a new idea with me--an idea that I can then share with the couples I am working with.  Thanks to Sara Sadaghiani, I have discovered the Unity Glass Ceremony.  For couples who have decided that the sand or candle ceremony are simply over used, this may be just what they are looking for.  Lee Ware is the artist who is responsible for this new and unique wedding idea.  It begins with the couple selecting colored glass crystals (there are a number of colors to choose from). During the wedding these colored glass crystals are mixed together by the couple and anyone else they want to include in the ceremony.  Lee Ware has even created some wording for the officiat to share with the guests explaining the significance of the ceremony.  After the wedding, the glass crystals are mailed back to Lee Ware's studio where he incoporates the mixed crystals into "an enduring, artistic, and one-of-a-kind glass sculpture.  To learn more about this idea or to order your glass crystals, check Lee's facebook page, Unity in Glass!

unity glass.png