Special Celebrations


Being a wedding officiant and sharing such an intimate moment with couples touches my heart far beyond what I ever believed it would do.  Every couple has their own personal story of how they arrived at the moment of realizing they had found that one special person they wanted to share their lives with.  I love learning of that story and being able to say "And now for the first time, I would like to introduce to you Mr. and Mrs. . .  Although each wedding is a special celebration, when that celebration involves a student I once had in class, it is even more amazing to me.  At one time, I either had them in a foods, parenting, service learning, skills for living or independent living class.  Now here they are getting married--and I am the one prouncing them husband and wife.  Retiring from teaching left me with a heavy heart and I was concerned about what the next chapters of my life would be.  There was no need to worry for I am truly blessed.