Go Green

A new year often means new trends in weddings. The brides of 2012 are choosing to Go Green. Choosing a venue is usually the first major decision the couple needs to make. When making this decision, keep in mind that traditional spaces, such as hotel ballrooms and resorts tend to use a great deal of electricity, water and many other unfriendly earth items to host a wedding. Consider getting married outdoors. Check out a local botanical garden, gazebo, farm, garden, greenhouse, inside or outside a cave (check out Ash Cave in Hocking Hills, Ohio), or waterfall. Outdoor weddings are not only romantic and scenic—they are earth friendly! Selecting a venue that is close to where the majority of your guests live will also save on gas.

Almost anything can be found locally. Brides are choosing locally grown flowers, organically grown food, recycled invitations and repurposing items to become centerpieces.

Reusable cloth tote bags, natural soaps, soy or beeswax candles make wonderful environmentally friendly wedding favors. Some couples are deciding not to give favors at all but rather to make a small charitable donation in each guest name.

Brides are also looking for ways to be environmentally responsible when selecting the perfect dress for their special day. Do your research—avoid artificial fabrics that were produced under unsafe or unjust working conditions. Consider updating your mother or grandmother’s dress with the help of a local seamstress. If this isn’t an option, consider looking for a vintage dress at a local store. If your heart is absolutely set on having a new dress, look for a bridal designer who uses eco-friendly, natural fabrics.